Asphalt Surfaces – Who Are We?


Asphalt Surfaces is the metropolitan arm of Western Australia’s leading road surfaces supply group.

The company has sufficient equipment and suitably qualified and experienced personnel to handle more than one project simultaneously.

For major projects such as main roads, airport runways, industrial developments, freeway upgrades and similar, we have the technical know-how and expertise to manage and complete every aspect of the asphalt pavement.

We are proudly Australian striving to make real contributions through strong community and customer partnerships, pursuing excellence through quality and pursuing the principle of sustainable development.



Asphalt Surfaces – Profile


Our company has sufficient equipment to handle more than one project simultaneously. Close contact with clients ensures that works programs are allocated and completed on time.



Asphalt Surfaces is a Quality Assurance accredited company to AS/NZS 9001/2000 and in addition to this, Asphalt Surfaces is one of the few companies running Shewhart control charts to indicate and control trends.



Our company’s safety record is of good standing, and no major accidents have been noted for over 10 years.  A safety policy exists for all personnel.


Innovation and Research


Asphalt Surfaces is committed to providing customers with a reliable supply of quality products, at a reasonable price without harming the environment.  In order to maintain this commitment, Asphalt Surfaces invested millions of dollars in a new, state of the art 320 tonne per hour Benninghoven Batch Mixing Asphalt Plant.  This is the most modern plant in Australia at the moment and boasts the following features:

1.   Equipped to manufacture WARM Mix.

2.   Fitted with a superior screening facility and six hot material bins, the manufacturing of any type of mix is possible.

3.   Capable of recycling up to 35% Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement.

4.   Superior emission control system eliminates air and odour pollution.

5.   Advanced computer controlled batching system ensures consistent high quality mix.

The new facility boasts an up to date fully equipped laboratory to ensure constant process compliance.

A highly trained and skilled work force with a focus on continuous improvement reflects the company’s commitment to excellence.